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Replacing Your Old Pipes

Replacing Your Old Pipes

Are your old pipes in need of replacement? Still using an older lead or steel piping system? We can help you with this by replacing your old lead and steal water pipes. By using MDPE Plastic pipes we can provide you with a cleaner system with improved water pressure and none of the health hazards associated with lead piping.

We also replace frozen pipes. Do not wait until your pipes freeze again, act now and replace those pipes.

No Digging Techniques

No Digging Techniques

We are able to replace and repair your piping with minimal damage involved. None digging techniques can be used to ensure that all repair work and replacement can be carried out with minimal disruption or damage. This method is cost effective and more environmentally sound, well preventing the need for labour intensive trench digging.

Moling cables & pipes are one of our 'no digging' techniques that allow us to install pipes & cables with minimal disruption. It is a fast, efficient and cheaper technique with no need for extensive trench digging.

Garden & Household Drainage Problems Solved

Garden & Household Drainage Problems Solved

Having issues with your garden or household drainage? Drains keep overflowing after heavy rain? We can solve this for you by investigating the problem and thoroughly clearing and repairing your drains to ensure better flowage and to prevent overspill and flooding.

Fit Sumps & Pumps

Fit Sumps & Pumps in Gardens & Cellars As Well As Under Floors in Houses to Stop Flooding

Flooding is a daily reality for millions across Britain. From flooded gardens to flooded cellars, this problem can end up causing a lot of damage and costing a fortune if not properly dealt with. We can provide and fit both sumps and pumps to deal with flooding in your cellar, garden and under your floorboards to help prevent and deal with flooding.

New Connections for New Builds

New Connections for New Builds - Utility Suppliers for New Builds

Planning to have an extension installed? We can provide essential water supply, drainage and sewerage connections to new builds. We are also utility suppliers for new builds.

Approved By The Water Authority

Approved By The Water Authority - Water Industry Approved Plumbers’ Scheme

We here B Clark Water Improvement Service are fully accredited by the water authority and part of the water industry approved plumbers’ scheme. You can be assured that we are qualified to do the job. Do not run the risk of being rip-offed by unqualified cowboy tradesmen.

Get Your Drains & Water Supply Checked

Get Your Drains & Water Supply Checked Before You Have Your Driveway Laid

About to have a new driveway laid? In that case it might be best to have your drains and water supply checked before the new driveway is installed. Any potential problems can be checked prior to ensure that the new work will not get in the way of your sewerage or water supply.

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